Custom Integrated Software for your Business, we fit to your needs.

We are revolutionizing the way you do business. We work with you to create the right software integration and automate the processes to save time and stress on one easy to use application.

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Why Us ?

Save time, money and have the ability to work and control your business anywhere you are. Bring into one place your: Point of sale E-commerce Barcode and NFC scanning Inventory Automated Supply drop. Seamless Accounting Email and chat. Trademe and website integration. All of the applications work together in your specific industry seamlessly to give you the best user experience possible.

What you get:

Easy, fast reliable cloud-based software that can be accessed anywhere at any time on your Mobile, Tablet or computer.


Low cost

Custom business software has been costing way too much. Now you get every solution in one small monthly charge. End to end digital solutions to help increase your profits (with less work!)


Custom Fit

Base solutions for every business globally. Customized for your industry, and further as required to your exact business specifications.


Digital Advisory

Our team become your team. World class business analysis and digital solutions. We combine and work closely with you, tuning your business performance, helping you move towards and be at the forefront in your industry.



All API (application programming interface) services you require managed and running in one system.



Time saving Customer, supplier and team communications. Natural flow of notes and conversations, Emails, files and platform messages automatically routed per document, per user. All organised.


Auto Tasker

Per role, per user, prioritized tasks, customized and tuned to your processes. Every team members tasks list automated. One click for collaboration and action.


Website manager

Your website always in sync. Integrated In store with E commerce.


Open Platform

Unique open source development language, extend, customize and create solutions fast.


Multi business

Designed for economy wide, inter business integration. Complete solutions for supply chain, business group, franchise and marketplace automation.



Access controls, activity logs


Remote working

Everything digital, accessible online. Enable flexible work schedules. Watch your system running and in order from afar OR work effectively anywhere, anytime.


Industry Ready

Equipment Hire
Party Hire
Bike Shop
Online retail
Small Manufacturing


Taylored pricing model

Automate your quoting and sales pricing processes with pricing calculations for every circumstance.


Subscription management

** coming soon ** Subscriptions deliveries and payments, seamlessly managed. Deliveries scheduled, pricing and adjustments calculated, invoices generated, accounting done. Website integrated!... All easy while your serving customers, or their self serving while your sleeping or golfing.

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