Opportunity for Accountants

Flow2b is a startup on a mission to greatly improve the way businesses run.

NZ born, globally run and tremendously ambitious. An early stage large-scale platform ready for action.

Here's an invitation for your agency to explore joining us and help your client's businesses enjoy the fruits.

Opportunities to:

Grow your practice with more clients and greater profits.

Reduce the work per client

More automated

Improve your service to clients

More easily offer additional services

Focus on financial advisory

Add tangible value

Give a Whole business approach

Advise on comprehensive business specific software

Reseller options

First mover advantages

We have customers who want to move and use a flow2b recommended accountant, the market opportunities are large

Just some of what Flow2b does that other software doesn't:


Every business process in one software.

Built for businesses to take a leap forward

To literally run as good as anyone ever imagined and to be all set for the digital future.

Full accrual accounting and perpetual inventory

Naturally Integrated asset inventory and depreciation. Payroll coming soon.

All accounting Issues system calculated and displayed for resolving

As we grow to cover every scenario eventually nothing could possibly fall through the cracks.

Built-in whole team communications

Including advisor access to see every piece of data and activities associated with a transaction - full super easy collaboration.

Built-in tax returns complete with corresponding ledger entries!

A better debtors system - Guaranteed

If you could find a better well buy you dinner at Sky City Grand Gusto.

Fast development

In just two years of development, Flow2b is possibly already the most comprehensive business software available anywhere in the world

Contact us to set up a time to chat about opportunities together.