You have the option in any item to chat and discuss what changes you need to make to an email order for example or to help another staff member through a sale.

Chat with your entire business and choose curtain staff to see certain content at any time.


Incoming emails are structured and directed to the correct person within the business. This way you can see a sales opportunity as a sales opportunity or a supplier as a supplier. Flow2b is role driving you have your dedicated Flow2b accountant, admin, store person, marketer etc., to find what you need fast and simple. You can also assign your staff to these roles so that they can see what they need to see and do depending on the role you put them in.

Remote job for better life-work balance

You and your employees have the choice to work remotely improving life-work balance and service quality at the same time. At any point, if you are on holiday and something needs to be sorted fast, you can access your entire business on the go to quickly deal with the situation at hand.