Opportunity for Developers

Develop Apps in the Flow2b DSL

Take advantage of starting earlier. When the Flow2b App Store is crowded, it will be much harder.

How will I make money?

Publish apps in the Flow2b App Store

You will receive 50% of the app cost assigned by you.

Make custom apps for businesses

Paid directly by the business based on your agreement.

How does it work?

The app is executed by the platform

You do not need to get and maintain any computation resources

You develop apps in the Flow2b DSL language

The language is very powerful and allows to create apps very quickly. Check out the development guide

We review the app before it's published

There is no review for custom apps, only for the apps published on the Flow2b App Store

You provide email support for the app

We, our partners or businesses directly can contact you

Sounds interesting?