Hire Sales Automation

Flow2b: all-in-one business system

Complete hire sale process automation

Prices, Invoices, T&Cs, Returns, EFTPOS

Hire sale process in Flow2b


Select items

You can select products, scan barcodes or NFC tags. Enter quantities and the expected duration.


Sign T&Cs on a device

Customer signs T&Cs if they hire it for the first time on a tablet or phone. No need for paper.



Send the amount to EFTPOS and charge with no mistakes.


Issue the invoice

Invoice is automatically emailed at the appropriate time or printed.


Mark the status on hire

Flow2b will store the time when the hire has been started. You will know what's out of the store.


Process the return

The order amount is recalculated for final payment, including consumables or breakage.

Flow2b covers all cases

Unlike other systems Flow2b is flexible and complete

Do you always charge correctly for hire?

People make mistakes

How much do you charge for this cherrypicker?
$150 - minimum, $200 - half day, $300 - day, $1000 - week.
What's exactly half day and minimum mean?
Half day is about 5 hours maximum, the minimum is 2 hours.
Is 10:00 - 15:00 a half day or a day?
Hm. Half day probably.
What's about 14:00 to 9:00 next day?
A day, I guess.
Hm. Something else?
Yes, we give some larger customers a discount of 10%.
Sometimes we also subhire things. We give them 20% discount.
OK. Something else?
Yes, of course. This was only equipment. We have also party hire and bouncy castles and it's completely different!

Complicated. Isn't it?

Flow2b will calculate it all for you

System is preconfigured according to how your business works

Duration is calculated based on the hire period
Enter 10:00 to 14:00, Flow2b will set 1 half day into the duration field
Hire return date is calculated based on the entered duration
Enter as 10:00 rent hire and 1 half day as duration, Flow2b will set 15:00 as the latest return date for this duration.
Separate fields for duration and quantity
You can hire 2 chainsaws for 3 days and make it clear on the invoice.
Manual prices for different durations
You can have different prices for different durations. $200 - half day, $300 - day, $1000 week.
Automatic prices for different durations
You can say that day is your based duration. Half day is 75% of the day and week is 3 times of the day.
Price levels
You can give different discounts to particular customers.
Discounts per product category
The discount can differ based on the product category and other conditions.
Sales campaigns
You can make a sale campaign and reduce prices in your low season.
Long term hire
Invoice customers as the hire goes.
Anything else
We can easily implement your custom unique logic.


$1,200 per year

I don't give it a second thought, it's just there.
Doing its job that's for sure. Beats writing out by hand.

Clinton Morrinsville Hire

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