Hire Business

Reduce your paperwork and manage all your products, equipment and finance fast and easy.

Hire businesses enjoy massive benefits using Flow2b. Eliminate paperwork. Save time (and money) and have the system doing your usual business management tasks for you.

Streamlined handling of your data and all your processes integrated using the Flow2b platform .

Simplify all your technology with Flow2b so your team can easily run your business the best way possible.

Base Hire systems - solved.

Fully featured with all the software your business needs in one platform.
Every business process, Flow2b will run it all for you in the best possible way, here's some examples...

Automatic pricing

Any combination of slot prices or duration price models. Order prices automatically calculated with your price logic for every circumstance. Salespeople just make sure the order items are correct.

Automatic Invoicing

Order Invoices are sent to your customers at the moment they need them. Prepayments, Account payments, Credit and debit notes get issued automatically by the system using your order terms.

Website bookings

Customers will find all your hire and products advertised online, see current prices, pictures and descriptions, and if you like availability too. You'll get enquires and/or orders day and night.

Deliveries, Returns, Scheduling

In store dispatch and return processing. Effortless delivery scheduling and tracking. Your run schedules and route planning system generated. Our experience and logic or You tell us how you need it customised to work your way.


Combined product and serial level inventory and assets. Current and future availability for quoting , online orders or for quick lookup. Built for custom processes to optimise your asset allocations and sales.

Long Term orders

Custom per order or automated long term order terms and discounts. Invoices still sent at the right moment automatically. Reoccurring services, deliveries or bookings scheduled.

Team Messaging

Team messaging naturally flow throughout your processes and workflows, you immediately see whats going on . Fully informed with related messaging on every system screen.

Emails built in

Incoming and outgoing email message routing and prioritisation into your usual processes and workflows. No need to continually check the inbox, its all part of the prioritised task list for each business role.

Asset tracking with NFC and barcode

Serial level inventory controls. NFC for quick mobile scanning in and out.


Schedule maintenance for every scenario.

Finance Controls

Everything monitored and continuously reported: Till , Eftpos, Online payments, loans, debts, the system will not let something fall through the cracks, your payments and cashflow on time and accurate.

Complete Accounting

Complete accounting processes integrated in the same system. Reconciliations highly automated. Immediate Financial statements and tax reports. Everything you need, We guarantee you wont find a better accounting system for your entire business and tax reporting needs.

What do we do for you?

We work with you step by step to make sure you are quickly up and running.

We are available as your executive technology advisors. no limits.

24/7 software platform support - response time is usually within 1 hour.