Factual stock

Know what you have on hands


How many items have customers reserved.

Expected stock

What's coming and when. Sell your expected stock while it's not available yet

Multiple locations

Sell from multiple locations on your website and know stock everywhere

Reservation levels

Prioritize one order customers on another based on the order stage or customer status

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Drop ship deliveries

Drop ship delivery will create Purchase order automatically

Suppliers catalog integration

Have suppliers catalog in Flow2b and sell based on their availability and prices

Suppliers purchase order integration

Send purchase order request automatically to the supplier

Data sharing

If your supplier uses Flow2b, you will be integrated with him with no effort. You will see real time stock, price and will make purchase orders seemingly.

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Variable products

Colors, sizes, etc.


Combine few products in one and sell them together. You will see stock for your kits.

Predefined product structure

Now we have Clothing and Music product. Much more are coming.

Custom product structure

Custom structure will allow to enter custom attributes and search for them with ease. We will define it for you for free if necessary.

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Multiple Deliveries

You can deliver one order in different times or from different locations.

Payment Status

You will see whether the order is paid or not.

Email Invoice

You can email Invoice to your customers.

Debit/Credit Notes

If an order has been changed, you can issue a debit/credit note and email it.

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