Opportunity for Early Stage Investors

All-in-one platform for any small and medium business

Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Payroll, Manufacturing, POS, E-Commerce

And everything else needed to run a business

App Store

All niche processes and custom integrations

Highly automated

Most business administration is fully automatic including accounting, HR, supply etc.

Rare investment opportunity

Large and realistic market

Total addressable market size of more than US$100B or 180 mln businesses around the world.
Service addressable market size: US$47B.


Unlike the most SaaS startups, Flow2b cannot be replicated in a week. Your investments will be protected by the technology almost impossible to copy.

Very Ambitious

Our goal is to connect most businesses with each other and their customers using Flow2b.

Connects business to:

Another business

Suppliers, marketplaces, ads


Marketplaces, ECommerce, POS, ads, information sharing


Generates and sends tax returns without need for accounting or deep regulations knowledge


From the point of closing the investment round.


7 customers
Many prospects
Repeatable sales process

10 Months

100 Customers
ARR: US$100K

12 Months

Australia sales

18 Months

1,000 customers ARR: US$1M UK Sales

24 Months

3,500 Customers ARR: US$3.5M US Sales

36 Months

15,000 Customers ARR: US$15M

Based on Xero traction.
ARR - annual recurring revenue.

Xero case

xero.com connects accountants and businesses

2007: US$30M initial pre-money valuation

Xero went for IPO in 2007. They were at the similar point where Flow2b is now. Although they had 100 customers at the moment, the customers were acquired from the co-founder's accounting firm and the sales process was not repetitive.

2018: US$3.6B current valuation

More than 1M subscribers. Less than 1% of target addressable market worldwide.

117x return in 11 years

If you would've invested just US$10K in Xero in 2007, it would be US$1.17M now

Flow2b is a much larger opportunity

Accounting is just a small part of Flow2b. A business can use Flow2b without an accountant, unlike Xero. Flow2b provides massive benefits to businesses, not only allows to comply with tax regulations.


All-in-one ERP

Such as NetSuite. Too expensive and/or too limited.

Integrated solutions

For example, Xero + Unleashed inventory + Zoho CRM + Shopify. Integration issues.

Incomplete functionality

Limited and too expensive customizations

Too hard to choose and set up

No connection between businesses

Investment Target

Investment target: US$1.3M - US$2.5M during the early stage to:

Scale to 1,000 customers and US$1M ARR

Series A criteria if we do not achieve self-sustainable growth at this stage.

Achieve self-sustainable growth

Most customers will pay annually in advance instantly covering their acquisition cost.

Implement additional features

Many features can be developed in parallel. Development is easily scalable.

Prepare the platform for scaling

Prepare infrastructure, improve stability, quality, performance, on-boarding and UI.

Sounds interesting?