Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle Features

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  • Fixed Assets
  • Pool Assets
  • Services and Consumables
  • Maintenance schedules and records.
  • Store role sees any issues with deliveries status.
  • Outgoing and Return deliveries.
  • Assets rent availability
  • Custom Price models (any combination of slots/ time based)
  • Delivery/ Service Route (customizable base)
  • Full accrual accounting, see your exact financial status in real time.
  • Automatic invoicing (and sending)
  • Automatic reconciliations (from bank data import )
  • Purchase orders
  • Financial reports
  • Asset depreciation
  • Shareholders accounts and distributions
  • Accounts completion, (statuary reports and electronic filing, soon)
  • Quotes, Orders Processing, revised and Complete.
  • Integrate to other sales channels
  • FAST, all in one page Sales / rental order
  • Every scenario covered, every possible order option and order revision
  • Any and every combination of Delivery
  • Any and every combination of Invoicing and payment
  • Informative Labels/ states along with email and team communications built in, make it clear and fast for everyone to understand every order, its deliveries and invoices, payments, whats going on with it in every way, and to b e automatically made aware of issues, for top-notch operations and customer service.
  • Customer List
  • Order History
  • Persons and Companies and their legal details.
  • Account credit allowance
  • Debts (custom follow up procedures)
  • Custom Sales opportunities process
  • Easily Follow up Sales opportunities
  • Planned and automatic follow up dates
  • Product sales report
  • Calendar/ appointment reminders
  • Marketing backlog / integrated planning.
Marketplace/ Owners
  • Owners login
  • We can make reports on their equipment usage and financials
  • Additional platform features (Huge time savers)
  • Built in Team Communications
  • Built in Emails
  • Role and per user specific Dashboards (shows items to action)
  • Development project management
  • Easily add any/ all custom processes to your exact requirements.
  • Website integration
  • Supplier and industry integration
  • Additional automation as we build and serve globally.

Customer Stories