Flow2b subscription

$1,200 per year

Basic support

Included in the subscription

Other support or development will consume Flow2b expert units.

Flow2b expert units

12 units included in the subscription

  • 1 unit = $20
  • 1 unit = minimum support incident charge
    If not covered by the basic support
  • 4 units = 1 support hour
  • 4 units = 1 data cleaning hour
  • 6 units = 1 web designer hour
  • 8 units = 1 product owner hour
  • 10 units = 1 web developer hour
    Including product ownership and testing with no additional charge
  • 14 units = 1 product developer hour
    Including product ownership and testing with no additional charge

ProActive Support Packages

Our support team will regularly check and produce a report on how you are using the system. We will find out if there are problems and help you to solve them.

$960 $600 per year


Quarterly checks (worth of 24 units)
+ Additional 24 expert units
$2160 $1200 per year


Monthly checks (worth of 48 units)
+ Additional 60 expert units

$4800 $2400 per year


Fortnight checks (worth of 78 units)
+ Additional 162 expert units
$9600 $4800 per year

Extra Large

Weekly checks (worth of 104 units)
+ Additional 376 expert units

It's not required to select any of these packages to use the system successfully. However, if your budget allows, we recommend getting a package because it will allow to make sure that you get everything that Flow2b can provide and save your time.

Support Packages Add-Ons

If you need more units for development, data cleaning or something else than included in your package you can buy as many add-ons as you need for this package.

$480 $300
$1080 $600
$2400 $1200
Extra Large
$4800 $2400
Additional ServicesPrice
Basic E-Commerce website development$800 per website
Website subscription (including 6 Flow2b expert units)$400 per year
Google Merchant setup$250

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