Flow2b: Accounting

Power your business forward with no fuss accounting systems.

Gain powerful, up to the minute insights. With the beauty of full, accrual, international accounting standards.

  • Automatic Bookkeeping

    Finance system integrations keep your data up to date and reconciled.

  • System Generated

    Every required document type.

    All system documents are coded and linked with ledger entries.

    Reports are generated in real time linked to source

  • Multiple Legal entities

    Streamline multiple legal entities.

    Report for the Group and every legal entity separately.

    Seamless transfers of finances, assets, or goods between legal entities

  • Accrual Accounting

    Multi-entity, Multi-currency, International.

    Full accrual reports, with the local or international picture.

    Great for small and medium businesses to know the exact financial picture.

  • Easy set up

    Reports work automatically from source documents.

    Enter starting balances easily as your ready.

  • Flexibility and growth

    Add or adjust accounts and system logic as required.

    Any report easily added.

  • Multi Currency

    Automatic currency ratesĀ 

    No need for adjustment entries.

    All currency positions are stored and calculatedĀ into base currency reports in real time.