Flow2b: Finance

Streamlined all in one finance accounting and business management software.

Highly integrated, automated accounting and financial control.

Easily customized according to your company requirements.

  • Subscription managment

    Every subscribed expense recorded and planned for payment.

    The system informs you of any needed finance transfers.

  • Multiple legal entities

    Multiple entities in one workspace acting as a group, or separate entities into multiple workspaces and share data across.

    Easily ensure the correct entity for each transaction, make intercompany transactions, or transfer funds and inventory. Automatic cost reporting.

    Real-time financial statements for each entity automatically updated.

  • Multi Currency

    Sales orders, invoices, payments and every other document in the applicable currency.

    Every foreign currency position is clearly reported in detail and accurate instantly.

    Margins and profits auto generated in base currency.

  • Fixed assets

    Fixed Asset register, depreciation, and disposal easily take care of in one click.

  • Set offs

    Customer account credit can be used to offset orders.

    Over and underpayments easily handled according to your company requirements

  • Loan notes

    One click to record loans or make Inter-company transfers.

    Loan entries are automatically posted, ensuring instantly accurate financial statements.

  • Currency Contracts

    Plan and record currency contracts.

    Real time position in financial statements.

  • Made to Order

    Every system process is modular and easily customized or extended to handle the best way for your business.

    Our developers or yours.