Flow2b: Inventory

Simplified, easy, Integrated inventory management software.

Streamlining and automating your orders and product inventory management.

Including Quotes, Sales orders, Purchase orders, Invoices, incoming and outgoing Payments, Deliveries in and out, Dispatch scheduling, Custom Products, Product variants, Intelligent stocktakes, supply requirements, error checks and more…

Inventory all working naturally part of All in One business automation software, Sales and management are informed and Accounting reports are entirely automated.

Customizable for your operational processes.

Time-saving layered system approach and fluid communication features keep everyone updated without exception.

  • Order management

    Clear and comprehensive order statuses.

    Intelligent fulfillment options ensure smart delivery planning. Ensure payment on agreed terms.

  • Reservations

    Automatic track of committed stocks.

    Automatic dispatch scheduling according to priority deliveries.

  • Specialized Goods

    Customized products structure and properties, categories and pricing with multiple units, product variants, kits, BOM, labels, dates or any other requirement you have.

  • Order terms

    Customized Payment terms, Delivery terms, Payment methods, Account controls.

  • Variances and negatives

    Variance and negatives reported.

    Recorded activities, clear stock reports, combined with intelligent document status's make it simple to track and fix errors.

  • Supply chain

    Customized customer portals and interface. Customer and supplier collaboration.

    Automatically place supply orders.

    Always in sync with supply chain records and deliveries status.

  • Drop Ships

    Process and deliver sales orders from your suppliers directly to your customers.

  • Analytics and insights

    Analytics for margins, stock valuation, accounting ledger effects, product performance, supply requirements, supplier performance, sales delivery performance.

    Made to order reports for any requirement you have without delay.

  • Automatic ordering

    System will consider all supply options, timing, and costs.

    Purchase orders automatically optimized.