Flow2b: Platform

Development in the cloud on a universal development platform, eliminating the requirement for managing servers.

At the core is a powerful development language focused on business process automation and web integrations.

The integrated development environment combined with the concise and expressive language means solution implementation is fast.

Instant client instances and a dynamic, flexible, deeply integrated app framework.

Interoperability of client instances and workspaces further enable supply chain and process automation.

  • Multiple Workspaces

    Operate one business in each workspace or many business entities in one.

    Other businesses can give you or your team access to parts of their workspace.

    Stay securely connected and in sync across all workspaces with permission controls.

  • Dashboards

    Dashboards customized to suit each team member's business role.

    Exceptions, metrics and most important system items at hand for suppliers, contractors, customer access and effective team work.

  • Remote Working

    Free yourself from the desk.

    You and your team can go anywhere and have full access to all of your systems.

    All on whatever hardware your team are comfortable with

  • Layered Forms & Fields

    Intelligent data entry fields, editing, and concise views.

    Any type of field and field intelligence.

    Layered features allows many forms or documents to be combined together.

    Link directly from/to any data point.

  • Layered Lists

    View search and filter combinations of item lists. Edit in list edit mode.

    The layered approach pulls and displays all the related data and status of items.

    Link directly from/to any data point.

  • Communications

    Internal and external messages, comments and notifications directly on any item in the system.

    Link to any item, or create new items directly in the comments.

    A game changer, and email killer!

  • Reports

    All reports are layered and linked to their source data.

    Extend existing reports.

    Make any report.

  • Access Controls

    Define an access group, add a user to use the access.

    Use existing access groups, extend them or create a custom access.

  • Universal Applications

    Instantly install existing apps along with any dependent apps.

    Add existing universal apps for core business processes, industry apps, company groups, franchises, and networks.

    Create apps and publish into the marketplace.

  • Made To Order

    Our development team and reseller partners customize platform apps and make apps to order.

    Industry-wide universal apps, business group or franchise apps. Unique business process apps.

  • Live Development

    The platform provides a live web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

    All the back end infrastructure is taken care of by the platform.

    Universal applications install into each workspace with any number of dependencies.

    Each workspace editor provides direct development or customisation of app code.

    All components of apps, workspaces and web integrations are accessible.

  • Domain specific language

    Specifically designed language for business process and app automation.

    Small pieces of expressive code everyone can use.

    All parts of the system are flexible and can be changed.

  • Integrations Engine

    Extend existing integrations.

    Write new integrations directly in DSL to any web service.