Flow2b: Point of Sale

We're re-imagining Point of sale software, till and POS systems.

Going forward we'll be introducing some game changing features like personalized customer mobile checkouts, streamlining and automating your sales.

So far we've integrated all the Point of sale processes combined with all business processes into one all in one business management software.

Including marketing automation, inventory optimization, streamlined HR, and seamless collaborative communications.

Exception reporting and finance reports ensures you and your managers have your finger on the pulse.

  • Customisable POS

    Serve up the exact POS features in the combination you need them.

    Product and product category layouts according to your design.

  • Website integration

    Rapid integration engine connects your existing or new website fast and at a low cost.

    All completely integrated.

  • Automated Accounting

    All financial reports automatically generated in real time as the transactions happen.

    Inventory, HR and foreign currency positions are automatically updated. 

    See your profits or your entire financial position in one click.

  • Intelligent inventory

    Easy Stocktakes with variances clear. 

    Automated transfers.

    Receiving and sending deliveries processed automatically.

  • Integrated eftpos

  • Mobile POS

  • Connected customers