Flow2b: Product Development

We're re-imagining Product development software, Agile and Scrum software.

Completely Integrated collaboration with all in one business management software.

Development, Product management, analytics, accounting, HR, CRM, marketing, sales, every process your company has all running in one place.

Take Team collaboration to the next level.

The Platform integration engine makes integration to any web service a breeze. Possibly the easiest, most powerfully dynamic backend created, put it to the test and find out for yourself.

For digital/ software products: Combine your product development management with our Domain specific development language and Integrated development environment as a supercharged SAAS backend.

  • Agile Boards

    Customisable Drag and drop boards.

  • Product structure

    Product types and product fields integrated into the product management and backlog exactly according to your business needs.

  • User stories

    Use our proven user story format, adjust or create your own.

  • Features

    Plan and track your backlog by product features.

    We use a epic/ large user story format, you can easily adjust or create a new format.

  • Backlog

    Combine multiple products into one backlog.

    Plan, Approve and Manage stories and keep it all prioritised nicely.

    Easily assign stories into milestones.

  • Milestones

    Plan, track and collaborate on each milestone.

    See the overview of progress and status of each story. See the total effort done and remaining for all the stories.

  • Roadmap

    Show an overall picture of features you have planned for your products. Plan and show the priority order.

  • Open, Time saving language

    Domain specific language cuts down development time. Output features with far less code.

    Write complex algorithms with far less code.

    Easily and rapidly integrate to any and every web service.

    Utilize and extend existing platform apps and integrations.

  • Made to order

    Using the time saving domain specific development language we customize the product development app to suit your processes, or if required we whip up a new one built for you from the ground up.

    Agile collaborative development processes allow your team to be involved as much or as little as you like.