User Roles

A user can have one or several roles.


He closes sales opportunities and communicates with customers. He will see active Sales Orders and Opportunities on his dashboard.

Store Operative

He dispatches the sales deliveries and processes the purchase deliveries. He will see active incoming and outgoing deliveries on his dashboard.

Business Admin

He makes sure that there are enough stock and purchases goods when necessary. He decides which products to purchase. He will active Purchase Orders and unavailable Sales Deliveries or Transfers on his dashboard.


He makes sure that all invoices are issued and sent to the customers, payments are entered correctly and reconciled. He files tax returns and makes sure that the business will not run out of cash. You do not need to be an accountant to execute this role.



The marketer is responsible for the website conversion. He makes sure that product information entered and all in a good state. He will see if some information is for a product is missing on his dashboard.



Director or Business Owner monitors business performance using financial and sales reports. He will see KPIs on his dashboard.