The process of a sale for an online store


The customer makes an order

The customer makes an order on an E-Commerce platform and pays for it. This is easy to set up, and we can integrate with websites that have an API system.


The order is in Flow2b

The order and payment will instantly create a sales order in Flow2b. The goods reserved for the order and the stock will synchronise into other platforms. For example, if you sell on Trademe and somebody buys the product from the website, Flow2b will delist the product if there are no more items in stock.


Dispatch Queue

Store Operative will get an automatic notification to deliver the order and will see the delivery queue on his dashboard.



Store Operative dispatches the order and changes the status, adds the tracking information and is then kept track of all the way through this process.


Customer emails about the order

An email is automatically attached to the sales order and sent to the customer or client; the Sales Person will receive an email and response.



When an order delivered is received, Flow2b will mark it as complete in the E-Commerce platform. Soon Flow2b will automatically monitor the location of the goods and will close the order as soon as it is delivered to the customer or client.

Customer Story
Kitchenware online store

"We use it for all our business processes from products data entry to the IR4 calculation. Everything in one place. Comments are awesome - all the workflow info is handy."

Ana Chebotareva Director



Google Merchants



3PL Provider Integration

Sales Reports

Gross profit per product

Know your gross profit per product not only revenue.

ABC product analysis

The system will mark your most profitable products as A and least with C


XYZ analysis

If your product has a constant demand, it will be marked with X, if it's rarely sold it will be Z


Product turnover

Know how fast products are sold. Consider warehouse costs in the product profit calculations.

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