The Flow2b Difference

Your Business: Simplified, more powerful, and easily expandable.

Flow2b Enables a new strategy: Hand all the operational details over to the platform.

Finally, the search for the right technology that correctly and wholly suits your business ends here.

A common platform for all combinations of the business processes your company runs, all working together in one single system.

Your entire business connected in one.

The connected system means the software helps get the work done, by automating the processes for your team, there is less work to do and what's left to be done is made clear for everyone.

The system works hard for you - getting more done.

All accounting calculations- Any issues get displayed for action easy as, in-house or external.

Finance Sorted, Order terms are always calculated and automated, finance and debts timing and notifications happen without you.

Quotes, Orders, Invoicing, Payments, Bookings and Deliveries, flow2b automates tasks and timing, including drop ships.

Sales availability, costs and pricing, custom calculated and automated.

eCommerce management will not be your concern anymore, let the system take care of it.

All internal and external communications (including email), built in and seamless.

All required apps go together to achieve this in your specific industry/ business model circumstances.

All the operational details over to the platform.

Get started now on the platform with ready-made apps for Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Orders, Point of Sale, Customer Relations (CRM), Hire, Bookings, Emails, Communications and Manufacturing.

Integrations for Google, Trademe, Payments, Freight, Websites, E-commerce and SEO.

Customisation and additional integrations as required, the platform is designed to easily run all your additional systems the way you need them. Your developers or ours.

More apps in development, you get them as their released.

Payroll and HR

Easily manage labour requirements, records and pays.

Project Management

Project management made a breeze.


Run your warehouse with full visibility and without hiccups.

Social Media

Connect with customers where they are spending time, grow your business and stay ahead easier.

More apps..

whatever you need made easy! Flow2b is an open app platform 10-1000x faster to make your business operate exactly the way you need it to.

Business collaborations.

To make new supply and partner automation possible, soon Flow2b will connect businesses between each other.

At first suppliers catalogues, purchase orders and deliveries all auto-synced.

Usually, even half connected systems cost a lot, full systems a fortune. Not here. We're opening up the platform and big business solutions. All made to suit your business at an easily affordable price. Currently, mention this for setup without charges.

What difference does one system make?

You can go on holiday without issues. More sales. Better margins.

Flow2b makes it a lot easier to hire people for your team that can use the system to do the work well and just at the times you need.

Everything organised. Easy systems to follow.

Overall there is less to do and more money gets made. Or more time to grow, improve or do something new. Youll get to feel a lot more confident about the way your business runs.

Be Agile.

  • Work anywhere, Flexible Timing, Role-based Processes, Automatic 'Tasking', Automatic Prioritisation, Collaborative, Flexible.

Get digitally connected.

  • Utilise all possible technology internally, with customers, suppliers, partners, online marketplaces, Don't get left behind, Be ready and at the forefront.
  • easily Run Multi-business / Franchise / Networks / Marketplaces / Collaborations

Business owner benefits

  • Separate you and your business operations, increase business value.
  • Lower operating costs
  • Full Access and Data sharing controls.
  • Keep updated quickly, give support at the moment when you need/ want to.
  • Fully informed, data and reports to make great decisions.
  • More Growth and Profit
  • Let the systems or your team run the business
  • More time with family and recreation.

Business team benefits

  • Clarity of tasks and priority
  • Work more flexible on a mutually beneficial schedule
  • Work productively in any location (when not needed onsite)
  • Easily give better quality and service.

Your Tech is sorted once and for all

Software, Hardware, Services, Suppliers, Customers, Online Marketplaces, Internet of Things, Digital agile marketing.  A platform for you to confidently move your business and customers forward and all affordable.

All this automation - What's left for your team to do?

Set up

  • Tell us how your business works.
  • Enter the starting data or send us access to your old systems.


  • Create or Follow up Sales opportunities.
  • Quote with system terms and price calculations, or override for a custom quote easily with all the cost and availability data in view.
  • Monitor orders for service and team collaboration - auto notified.

Store person

  • Make and receive deliveries according to your processes.

Business Admin

  • Regular stocktakes, ensure everything is in order.
  • Enter Manufacturing runs. (if you manufacture)
  • Order supplies (system generates the requirements, later well make this automatic)


  • Upload bank data
  • Teach the system remaining reconciliations
  • Monitor debt reports or set up notifications for anyone needing special attention!
  • Monitor Financial performance Reports.
  • Review GST and Income tax reports for filing.